intermittent fasting scedule change your life nowIf like the majority of people you want to lose weight this generally means that you need to restrict your calorie intake and get more exercise. One of the problems a lot of people have with their diet plan is that they forget about social eating. This means that they usually completely blow their diet when they go out for a drink and something to eat with their friends on a weekend, they then become discouraged and end up quitting their diet. An Intermittent fasting Schedule may be the solution for you if you have problems maintaining a more traditional diet.

Traditional dieting makes it almost impossible to have maintain an active social life, many people find it just to hard to stick to a restrictive diet as a means to lose weight and inevitably end up quitting their diet. However, intermittent fasting is a way that you can eat what you want for some of the time while you still maintain a diet and lose that extra weight.

Try an Intermittent Fasting Schedule

Will an intermittent fasting schedule work for you? Quite basically a schedule of intermittent fasting is alternating periods of eating with periods on not eating. For example someone may fast for only one or two days of the week, or even every other day of the week. This will allow them to build up a weekly calorie deficit as opposed to a daily calorie deficit.

The thing is most people setting out on a diet will try to eat the same amount of calories per day. Let’s just say for example that to reach you targeted weight you have worked out that you need to eat 1,800 calories every day. So Monday through to Friday you do really well and you stick to your diet. However the weekend comes along and you get the usual invite to go out with the girls on Saturday night, you hit the pubs and the clubs and end up drinking and eating a couple of thousand calories in one night.

If however, you had been following an intermittent fasting schedule you would have sat down and worked out the amount of calories that you are allowed for the whole week, then you would have divided them up according to your intermittent fasting schedule. This allows you to eat a reduced amount of calories throughout the week and bank some extra calories for use on the weekends. This puts you in control of your diet, making your diet fit in with your needs, unlike the majority of diet plans that take control of your life.

Is Using An Intermittent Fasting Schedule Healthy?

You may well be shocked to discover that an intermittent fasting schedule can have many benefits, aside from that of weight loss. Research has proved that it can help to lower cholesterol and increase insulin sensitivity. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation and blood pressure, something that can be responsible for many chronic diseases.

An intermittent fasting schedule can help you to manage your hunger and develop greater self control. It also helps you to learn the difference between eating because it is time to eat and eating because you are really hungry. This can be really useful in changing your outlook towards eating and enabling the resulting weight loss to be long term.

How Do I Start An Intermittent Fasting Schedule?

One of the best ways to start an intermittent fasting schedule is to pick up a copy of Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat. This no fluff guide is full of solid research and science that backs up what he says works well. You can start your diet straight away as soon as you have downloaded the book.

With an intermittent fasting schedule there is no need to stock up with any special foods or expensive supplements. You can still enjoy your favourite foods, there is no need to deprive your self of the food that you enjoy. The only thing your need is a bit of will power and the desire to make it happen.

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